About us

The name Smile factory is not accidental. We have a double mission: behind every aesthetic smile that we will create with the state of the art techniques and tools currently available there will be the genuine smile, coming from the soul. In other words, the result of our work – a better denture – will be seconded by the pleasure of coming to the dentist, to our dental room from Iasi.

The dental room Smile factory was born from the desire to offer people from Iasi the chance to be treated in an ultra-modern clinic, where the fear of the dentist shall become a myth. We selected young, enthusiastic and communicative doctors nevertheless with proficiency in the field. Then we offered them state of the art equipment that other local clinics are not endowed with yet.

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And despite the appearances, the smile our dental room, Smile factory from Iasi offers is for all pockets. Although we offer premium services, our prices are comparable to those of other local clinics.

Price list

How does the first meeting take place:

We always have time to make new friends! You can share with us positive or negative experiences you have had in the past at the dentist. You can ask anything about our services and it will be our pleasure to answer you. A well informed patient will always benefit from the best treatment, and we guarantee you that we will not disappoint you. During the first consultation in our dental clinic the dentist will examine your teeth, gums, mouth and throat. At the end of the consultation, we will be able to recommend you a comprehensive treatment or, if necessary, a new visit for a check. Regular visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene can guarantee you a strong health.

Clinica noastra uzinadezambete

Services offered by our dental clinic:

Equipment brands

Our tehnology:

  • Dental laser
  • High performance implantology kit”physio dispenser system: complete solution for oral, dental-alveolary, maxillofacial surgery and even endodontics
  • State of the art equipment for endodontics: tooth vitality tester, hot condensation of the substitute nerve (gutta-percha) optimized technology for the most accurate information in order to localize the tip of the tooth root (apex)
  • Ultra performance sterilization equipment with documentation system of the tools automatic sterilization and foliation cycles
  • High quality purified water production system
  • Automatic system for the hand pieces maintenance procedure: cleaning (disinfection and lubrication) is automatic, simple, efficient and correct
  • Fast and reliable device for determining the enamel shades of the treated tooth in order to eliminate any colour differences between the old teeth and the treated one
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Uzina de Zambete