Can weight cause dental problems?

Overweight children have more cavities or dental problems, researchers say.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have done this study. They have measured the body mass index (BMI) for 135 children. BMI is a number that doctors use to determine which child is overweight.

Researchers attempted to identify caries in the mouth of each one of these children. Unfortunately, these studies are not consistent. In some studies, overweight children have the same number of caries as the other children. A study states that overweight children have fewer caries. Nonetheless, other researchers indicate overweight children tend to have more caries. Caries are caused by bacterial infections in the mouth. Bacteria eats sugar in food and produces acid. Acid attacks the tooth. Thus, caries appear.

Some experts believe that a large number of overweight children eat more sweets and drink carbonated soft drinks. Thus, they are more likely to have caries than any other dental problems.


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