Diplomas for kids at the top of the class

Because we want to be at the top in our field and because we encourage the performance, we gave a gift to the students who were this year at the top of their classes, from C. Negruzzi, E. Racovita and D. Cantemir High Schools. We were really impressed with the results of these children throughout the school year, but also from national and international contests and competitions. We are proud of an excellent generation of students in Iasi.


Educational project with ‘Carmen Sylva’ School

In May – June 2014, we concluded an educational partnership with ‘Carmen Sylva’ Secondary School in order to teach the children to have oral-dental hygiene, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Teaching the child from the earliest age to be neat, to observe the rules of personal hygiene, to get used to a rational diet means to establish a lasting hygienic behaviour.


Oral Hygiene Workshop – Carrefour Felicia

Together with our partners Carrefour Felicia and GSK Romania, we held in the weekend 11-12 a workshop about oral hygiene. Over 400 children received gifts from us, played, had fun, but mostly they learn to perform a correct brushing.


Campaign ‘Romania, smile!’

During the ‘Different School’ week, Uzina de Zambete and Romania, smile! visited several schools in Iasi, and approximately 400 children had only pleasant surprises: gifts from the team, but also a small training about brushing technique.



Over time, Uzina de Zambete got involved with devotion in supporting several events or projects organized by our partners.

You can see below some of the events in which we got involved.


Internship Program

The 1st Edition of the internship program reached its end. It is very hard to say good bye to our interns, but we wish them the best of luck and we hope that the experience in our clinic was useful and that it will help them in the future.

We are sharing with you some feedback from our interns.