Digital X-ray

Orthopantomography: This type of investigation is indicated in detecting dental / periodontal pathology, in pediatric dentistry, in orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, in dental traumatology, implantology and prosthetic dentistry. Widescreen display mode will show the upper and lower jaw, teeth erupted or those in various intraosseous evolution stages, will evaluate root canal alignment, temporomandibular joint and maxillary sinuses.

Profile teleradiography: By this technique, images are taken either profile or frontal (anterior-posterior). They give us information on the development of the head osseous structure and soft tissue being used to evaluate the spatial relationships between the upper jaw and the lower jaw, the skull base etc.


Retro-alveolar radiography Provides information on the apical region of the teeth (root tip), on the correctness of the endodontic treatment, alteration / integrity of the periodontal ligament integrity, pulp calcifications, root resorption, the existence of a non-erupted tooth inside the bone etc.

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