Internship Program

The 1st Edition of the internship program reached its end. It is very hard to say good bye to our interns, but we wish them the best of luck and we hope that the experience in our clinic was useful and that it will help them in the future.

We are sharing with you some feedback from our interns.

Marius Dîmbu: It was a very good time for me, I have seen and I have learned many things! You have no choice but to, it is like the environment and staff motivate you to succeed! Thank you Uzina de Zambete, it was a wonderful time and I hope you keep it that way, to make happy ‘the kids’ who want to learn the ropes!

Ema Bologa: The internship at Uzina de Zambete Dental Clinic comes under the category Top 5 things you have to do before graduating the Faculty of Dental Medicine. During the 3 months I had the chance to work in a team full of professionalism, which is always in seek of performance, but, at the same time, manages to create a calm and full of collegiality environment. It is very important for the training of the students to see the dental manoeuvres, not only to learn them theoretically (especially in the case of special interventions). This internship gave me the opportunity to grow professionally and to gain some new information about the latest techniques and devices, but, at the same time, I was able to see practically what a successful management of a dental clinic means, and also the challenges you can encounter.

Elena Găină: What can I say about this internship – it is an opportunity to better understand the concepts taught during faculty and to gain professional experience, which can be extremely useful when graduating. I liked the environment and how the team works.


The first internship Uzina de zambete started in November 11th.

We are proud of the 3 winners: Elena, Emilia and Marius! Welcome to our team!



You can see below the participation conditions for this program.

Are you ready to learn and to practice in the factory…. FACTORY OF SMILES (UZINA DE ZAMBETE)?
Our clinic supports the young generation of future dentists and wants to help them learn how to work directly with the patients, when yet a student.

It is an opportunity that we offer only to dental enthusiasts who want to learn from a professional team.

The Internship program at Uzina de Zambete offers:

– professional working environment and the possibility of personal and professional development

– you have the chance to see how experienced doctors work and to learn from them – some of them are University lecturers
– you can work with the state-of-the-art equipment, within the best dental clinic in Iasi
– continuous learning in a practice environment and opportunity of full-time / part-time job upon the completion of the program
– you can choose to learn depending on the specialty you are passionate about: general dentistry, orthodontics, surgery, implantology
– we will give you a letter of recommendation when the internship ends

Internship period: 3 months, starting with November 11th, 2013
Places available: 3 talented and enthusiastic students

How can you be one of the 3 persons selected: send us a letter of intention until October 14th, 2013, at and convince us to call you for an interview.

We are waiting for you in Uzina de Zambete team!

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