Invisible braces – ORTHOCAPS

ORTHOCAPS ORTHOCAPS is a transparent trays system made of the latest special material, which through a succession well established will reduce the dental disharmony.

The ORTHOCAPS System is a true innovation.


The invisible device, the removable transparent trays of the invisible braces, apply a very small pressure on the teeth of patients. For this reason, they are perfect for the orthodontic treatment of adults and children.

The transparent trays that are used within this invisible dental device will give a new life to your smile right from the start. They will visibly correct the position of teeth, every day, even while you sleep.

The ORTHOCAPS Twin Aligner® system makes the orthodontic correction easier to achieve and harder to see! The hardCAPS transparent trays, worn during day, remain almost invisible throughout treatment.


The transparent trays can be removed in seconds whenever you need (for example, when brushing the teeth), and then reintroduced just as easy.

Made of light synthetic material, the treatment with invisible braces offers a total comfort and does not affect your speech at all. The system of transparent trays of the invisible braces showed very satisfactory results in treating many different orthodontic problems. This system may correct most cases of malpositioned teeth. 80-90% of orthodontic defects can be treated with the Orthocaps invisible braces.

Incomparable comfort and convenience!

The transparent trays of this type of invisible braces can be removed at any moment and they are made by flexible synthetic materials for incomparable comfort and convenience in everyday use.

A practical and invisible solution of orthodontic treatment, a perfect fit for the active lifestyle of the patients. The light pressures exercised are perfectly balanced with hardCAPS trays and offers gentle correction, without orthodontic pain throughout the day. At night, the softCAPS trays continue the treatment from the point left by hardCAPS, leading to an efficient correction throughout sleep.


ORTHOCAPS Twin Aligner ® system is a proved system for orthodontic correction. More than 500 specialist physician already used this type of trays in order to obtain conclusive results and a high level of patient satisfaction. The transparent trays of this type of invisible Orthocaps device guarantee visible results for both orthodontics and patients.

The achievement of these transparent trays is made by computer, customized for each patient, and after a detailed examination of the information obtained both during the clinical examination and different complementary examinations (digital radiographies, model studies) performed by the orthodontist.

How many hours a day should the patients wear the transparent trays?

The patients should wear the Orthocaps transparent trays for about 20 hours a day. They can take them off for cleaning, but also during meals.

Are the aligner orthocaps suitable for patients at risk of allergic reaction?

The Orthocaps trays do not contain any metal. Their composition is determined after a careful examination of the patient. Any risk of intolerance will be taken into account when the type of material for the patient’s trays is chosen.


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