Love your smile!

A radiant smile makes you look younger and healthy teeth are a good indicator of the overall health. On the other hand, a bright smile gives the impression of youth and good health.

An efficient and fast remedy to improve teeth health is to eliminate the consumption of coffee, cigarettes and red wine. About 17% of adults admitted they have never used dental floss and about 25% of people aged between 35 and 59 years have untreated caries.

Here are 10 SIMPLE STEPS you can follow and you will eventually love your smile:

  • Limit consumption of carbohydrates during meals (Potato chips or whole wheat products can be harmful to teeth and gums. That is because all carbohydrates decompose themselves into simple sugars, which are eventually converted into bacterial plaques that cause gum and teeth diseases).
  • Do not brush teeth immediately after drinking (Immediately after drinking juice or other acidic drinks, it is not good to brush your teeth because the acid in the drink in combination with the adhesive action of brushing can erode teeth. Use chewing gum to active saliva, neutralization acid, and then brush your teeth).
  • Eat vitamin C (Vitamin C consumption can make you be less likely to have gum disease, unlike people who do not eat it at all).

  • Drink black tea and green tea (Antioxidants are good for gums. These teas contain polyphenols, antioxidant compounds that prevent bacterial plaque to occur and affect teeth, reducing at once the chances to develop cariers and gum diseases. Tea has the potential to reduce bad breath because it inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause bad odour).
  • If you drink juices and sodas, it is good to drink them using a straw (Most juices, energy drinks and other beverages contain acids such as citric and phosphoric acid that can erode teeth. If you consume these drinks using a straw positioned toward the neck, you eliminate their contact with the teeth).
  • Eat calcium (Calcium consumption is necessary to keep teeth white. People who are taking at least 800 mg calcium per day is, are less likely to develop severe gum disease. About 99% of calcium in the body is found in bones and teeth. Introduce in your diet milk, cheese and other dairy products to increase the amount of calcium as to keep teeth white and healthy. The recommended value is 1000 mg per day for women younger than 51 years and 1200 mg for older persons).
  • Protect teeth of the water from pools when you are swimming (seems surprising, but researchers found that pool water can stain your teeth and can erode their enamel. Brush teeth and rinse with a fluoride solution after you have spent more than an hour in the pool).
  • Eat an apple a day The moderately acidic nature and astringent quality of the apple makes it an ideal food for clean and shiny teeth).
  • Enjoy your partner’s kiss (While you may enjoy this kiss from other reasons, you should also know that increasing the amount of saliva in the mouth cleans teeth bacteria that cause caries).
  • Eat whole grains (Add them to your shopping list and diet. They will keep your heart healthy, preventing diabetes, also keeping your teeth healthier for a long period of time).

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