Mesotherapy is an interesting medical procedure discovered in 1952 by the French physician Michel Pistor and it is used by women around the world to help improve the skin texture and revitalization.


Facial mesotherapy consists of micro injections with ingredients necessary to our body (skin) in order to produce our own collagen. The procedure is performed using DERMAPEN. It uses a device with very fine needles which, by entering them into the skin, creates micro pores, thus facilitating the absorption of active substances. This way, a cocktail of nutrients and revitalizing active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid) will enter into the skin. These are designed to re-energize the tissue, to help and stimulate skin metabolism, producing collagen and thus becoming more elastic and with a more young appearance.


  • Products able to stimulate the secretion of collagen and elastin
  • Products that stimulate cell renewal
  • Products that contain essential nutrients for epidermis and dermis
  • Products that encourage blood circulation

The changes created by aging process are improved by increasing the formation of collagen in the deep dermis.


What product is recommended to obtain the best effect? The use of Mixyal Dimaension in combination with Dermapen resulted in excellent outcomes. MixYal Dimaension is a cocktail of very active substances with great results!(


Is the effect obvious after the first session? Yes, the result is obvious after the first session, but the treatment includes 4 sessions, and the effect is a cumulative one.

How long does the effect take? It depends on the lifestyle of each and the subsequent skin care.

Once this treatment is established, is it necessary to repeat it after a certain period of time? The treatment may be repeated whenever the patient wants, every few months.

Is the treatment painful? No, the areas treated will be anesthetized with a cream before treatment.

What are the possible side effects or complications? The immediate complications may be mild redness, moderate edema (swelling) of the treated area. They are transient and remitted no later than 2-3 days after treatment. The patients with an allergic field must declare this. Because there are no studies regarding the pregnant women, we do not recommend this treatment during pregnancy.

Will I be able to resume my daily activities immediately after treatment? Yes, of course, the treated areas will be slightly changed in terms of colour (redness), but the patient can got to work after two hours after completing the mesotherapy session.

Are there medical conditions that contraindicate the mesotherapy treatment? Yes, the treatment is contraindicated in patients with multiple allergies or other conditions such as heart diseases, hyperthyroidism, demography, etc. Your doctor will discuss all these before establishing any treatment.


Dr. Raluca Dragomir M.D., D.M.D.

Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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