Specialization course Micerium composite

Between March 23th-24th, 2013, the dental clinic Uzina de Zambete will hold a specialization course in using the Micerium composites.

We will have the pleasure of being trained by Mrs. Cristina Ghita, MD, who lectures about adhesion and adhesive systems and about natural layering techniques of composite resins since 1998.



During this course, you can assimilate concepts which, one understood, can be easily used in the daily practice with composite resins.


We will work with Enamel Plus HRi/Micerium, whose nano enamel shows the same refractive index of the natural enamel, which allows an invisible boundary between restoration and tooth. As in the case of the natural tooth, the more enamel is present, the greater is the brightness of restoration.
The course participants will learn to correctly choose the basic saturation of dentin, to build the chromatic dentine core and to appreciate the correct thickness of the enamel layer.
They will also fill in the map of the colour and will learn more about the 5 dimensions of the colour, as they were introduced by prof. Lorenzo Vanini.

The purpose of the course is to teach them to understand what they see, and, why not, what they do.
The dentists interested in this course can call our clinic to receive additional information about the possibility of participating in this course and the details about the program and registration price.
Note: the number of places available is limited.

Telephone: 0232.21.52.53 sau 0735.510.295

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