Oral surgery is a broad field that addresses various dental problems. Most are dental problems, but others involve abnormalities of the jaw or gums and other procedures.

Here are some common problems treated by oral surgery:


Tooth loss: : tooth may be lost due to a disease or following a violent impact, being reconstituted by dental implant. This is an alternative to the detachable dental prostheses and looks more natural. A dental implant must be anchored in the jaw bone for better stability, so that patients gain their oral health and bone density.

Impacted teeth: In many cases, problems are caused by wisdom teeth growth. These are the last molars that appear in a complete dentition. These teeth appear as a result of the insufficient space in the mouth for these two large molars. During growth, wisdom teeth become obdurate in the gums. Therefore, in most cases occur swelling, pain and bleeding. Impacted teeth can affect the alignment of other teeth by the pressure they exert on them. Most dentists do not recommend keeping the impacted teeth due to the health problems they can cause, so their removal is the most common solution.


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